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Advanced Hydrogen Power, Ltd.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe

Low-Emission Generators for Your Power Supply Needs

Introducing Low-Emission Power Generators

The power generators produced by Advanced Hydrogen Power, Ltd. can be used in series to form electric power grid systems for underdeveloped countries and municipal grid systems for cities and towns. It can also power heavy machinery and equipment in factories and in fields where operations are ongoing to extract natural resources from the ground such as oil.

In order to work, there must be an available supply of water or seawater in the area. The generators' H2 reactor runs on water and only needs to be started with a battery. Once running, the H2 Gen Set self-powers the engine and uses the flow of H2 gas harvested from the water. Our generators produce ultra-low levels of harmful emissions through the exhaust system into the atmosphere.

Existing Problems with All Standard Gen Sets

Our H2 electric power generators are designed in consideration of the following problems associated with standard generators currently in the market. These include:

  • Standard Gen Sets produce a high level of pollution from exhaust emissions that are then emitted into our atmosphere.
  • Standard Gen Sets are high maintenance and they require frequent servicing.
  • Due to the extensive amount of pollution from Gen Sets operating on diesel fuel, various jurisdictions have imposed severe restrictions on the number of days per year that such generators may be utilized. As a result, these generators are typically designated as backup generators during power outages.
  • Standard Gen Sets have shorter life expectancy.
  • Standard Gen Sets can only operate on natural gas for stand-by purposes and not continuous operations. 

What Makes Our H2 Gen Set the Best

Our H2 Gen Sets substantially address all of the above problems associated with standard generators. We believe our H2 Gen Sets is superior because they provide the following competitive advantages

  • The H2 gas used to power the H2 Gen Sets is continually produced by the H2 Reactor incorporated in the Gen Set design.
  • We’ve made major improvements in overall efficiency.
  • H2 Gen Sets produce ultra-low level of harmful emissions.
  • H2 Gen Sets have a multi-fuel management proprietary system that operates on hydrogen (H2) and minute amounts of blends of other engine fuels.
  • H2 Gen Sets have longer intervals between servicing procedures.

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